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2023-24 Above & Beyond Awards recipient: Cory Davis

Cory davis“Mr. Davis is an excellent role model to those around him, which is what this generation so desperately needs. Being real with students and genuinely caring about who they are as individuals, helps him have such a powerful influence on their lives.” - Angie Erickson, parent of CPHS student.

Cory Davis leads by example. Whether he’s teaching students about the importance of being physically active and leading a healthy lifestyle during physical education classes at Champlin Park High School (CPHS), or on the baseball diamond as the ninth grade coach, Davis makes the most of his leadership opportunities.

“In the classroom, baseball field, or out in the community, I pride myself on being a good leader,” Davis said. “It takes a village to raise a child and our parents are counting on us to be there for their kids as good examples. If we give them our best as often as we can — maybe they’ll catch something from us.”

Davis showed his leadership abilities and compassion for his students during a difficult time for one student last school year. Erickson’s son, Ethan, broke his leg during a baseball game and Davis rushed to his side as he was loaded into the ambulance, and then in the hospital and throughout his rehabilitation process. 

“Mr. Davis gave Ethan a motivational bracelet and a wonderful, honest pep talk about how he could choose to go forward,” Erickson said. “He inspired Ethan to find ways to overcome this challenge and be positive during a difficult situation. I’m so thankful that Mr. Davis goes above and beyond for my kids and all of his students at CPHS.”

Relationships are everything to Davis, and a big influence on him becoming a teacher and a coach. 

“It’s the reason I got into teaching and coaching,” Davis said. “I remind myself daily that the students I’m blessed to mentor each day come with a story — it’s my job to learn it, adjust my teaching to it, and embrace it. Families deserve to know that their student is cared for and valued and I treat my students like I’d hope someone would take care of my kids.”

The 2024 Above & Beyond Awards ceremony to honor Davis and 14 other exceptional employees will take place April 3 at the Educational Service Center (ESC).