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Suspect Nerf Wars or Senior Assassin games? Time to take action.

Alert icon(01/16/2024) District schools have been alerted through information shared by students and parents that confirms that students in our community are participating in the “Nerf Wars” or the “Senior Assassin” game, activities that are self-organized by students. These games are not sanctioned or sponsored by the school district. Careless participation in these games can lead to dangerous situations for students.

Why it matters: The district is alerting families in an effort to maintain a focus on learning in school while also eliminating community concerns regarding unsafe driving and dangerous activity. 

The basics: “Nerf Wars” or “Senior Assassin” games are played across the nation and in our communities by students, typically in the spring. 

  • This game involves forming teams and paying a fee to participate in a tournament style competition in which competitors are eliminated by “tagging” them with a nerf gun, air soft gun, or by other means consistent with rules of that particular game. 

  • Depending on the number of students, the “cash prize” can be significant.  

  • These games are not an official school activity nor are they sanctioned by the district. 

Not allowed at school: Students are not allowed to participate in the Senior Assassin game. Replica and/or toy weapons are not allowed on school property.

  • Students who violate school policies are subject to consequences consistent with district policy.  

  • Law enforcement is aware and alert to enforcing traffic laws and safe vehicle operation as a result of this game. 

Safety first: Even though these games use toy weapons that are relatively harmless, there has been a student death in another community that occurred as students were playing a similar game while driving. Parents and guardians are encouraged to reinforce safe driving practices with their children to ensure their safety and the safety of their friends.    

Community members who witness careless driving or unsafe activity should contact law enforcement for proper follow-up. 

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