• I am concerned my son or daughter may have a disability. How do I go about having them tested?
    You should contact your child's guidance counselor or teachers about this concern. Their team will work together with you to develop interventions to address the needs you are concerned about. If these interventions are not working, the team will consider moving forward with a special education assessment.

    I am concerned about my child's progress on his/her IEP, what can I do?
    We suggest you contact their special education case manager at NMS. If needed, you can also request an IEP meeting to discuss your specific concerns.

    What can I do when I feel the teachers are not giving my student his/her accommodations?

    We suggest you contact your child's special education case manager at NMS. They will work closely with you, your student and their team of teachers to ensure the IEP is being implemented correctly.

    What about intervention classes?
    We will be looking at the most current MAP and MCA scores to see if students need extra help with either math or reading. If these classes need to be added to a student's schedule, we then look at dropping electives (Music (Band or Choir), Physical Education, Health, Tech Ed, FACS or Art.).
    The intervention classes are: Math 6 Block, Math Pre-Algebra Block, Linear Algebra Block and Reading Strategies.
    The math block would then be 2 hours of the student's schedule (like ELA).
    Reading Strategies is tacked on as an additional class (not connected to ELA).
    Placements in these classes are made with Fall MAP Scores. We do look at the scores again in the spring and make adjustments as needed.
    Please contact your child's case manager if you have further questions.