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    Mr. Peter Groebner CFII, MEII (Multi-Engine Instructor Instrument)                                                                                


    Phone:  763-433-4001  

    E-mail:  peter.groebner@ahschools.us



    Monday-Friday 1400-1500



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    This course offers students are given the opportunity to explore careers in aviation such as: pilots, air traffic controllers, aviation mechanics, airport service/management positions, aircraft dispatchers and meteorologists. Through hands-on simulations using air traffic control simulators and PC weather programs as well as the use of some of the airport facilities, students will gain basic information and knowledge on many aviation topics. Exposure to aviation weather, flight training, general, corporate and commercial aviation operations will help them in determining their career choice. Guest speakers and field trips will also be included.                                                                         

    Course Credit

    District #11=1 trimester-2 periods-1credit

    Minnesota State  Mankato (Department of Aviation Credits)

    AVIA 101 World of Aviation/3 credit hours



    Required text:  Private Pilot Manual (Jeppesen)



    Academic dishonesty of any form will not be tolerated in this class. Anyone cheating on a test, homework or lab will automatically receive a grade of zero.

    Further disciplinary action consistent with Anoka-Hennepin District 11 policy will be considered.



    All of the assignments are due at the beginning of the hour of the assigned date, any homework turned in after the beginning of the hour will be considered late and the grading process will begin with a value 70%. On the second class period the assignment will be scored less 50%.   After two class periods the home work is no longer scored and the assignment is given the value of 0%.  Due to class alignment with college articulation all late assignments will receive a score of 0%.









     Due to the concentrated, accelerated nature of the program and emphasis on participatory learning, all students are expected to be in attendance at every class session scheduled.  Students are responsible for the content and activities of the class, even if they are/were not in attendance.  Make up work will be assigned by the instructor in the event of an absence.  If more than 10% (6 days) of class time is missed, you will not qualify for University credit regardless of class grade or test results.  Attendance at all class meetings is important.  Make up testing will only take place prior to or after the regular class period the day following the student absence. Testing will only take place in the presence of the instructor.

     Tardy Policy After the 3rd tardy 30 minute detention will be assigned before or after school. Failure to serve detention will result in assistant principal referral.



    Participation points will be 10% of you grade, participation points will be awarded at 5 points per day and cannot be made up.  Participation Points will not be awarded for student inattention or distracting behavior (i.e. cell phone use or hovering around the door prior to dismissal). 


    Grades will be posted every Wednesday for review on A-H Connect


    All scores are given in RAW scoring the value is as follows:








    • Aviation History
    • Pilot Careers
    • Airplane systems
    • Air frame, Power plant Mechanic Careers
    • Aerodynamic Principles
    • Flight Operations
    • Air Traffic Control Careers
    • Meteorology
    • Airline Dispatch Careers
    • Aviation Physiology
    • Performance and Navigation
    • Note that this is only a tentative list of topics to be covered.  This list may change to meet the needs of the class as we progress.
    • All testing is conducted to Federal Aviation Administration private pilot standards.