• Investigating Medical Careers



    Connie Guenther

    Email: constance.guenther@ahschools.us

    Phone: 763-433-4066                                                             


    Course Description

    This course will prepare students for a health career cluster major.  Students completing this course will develop knowledge and associated skills related to being part of an interdisciplinary team which is necessary to all occupations in a health care career. This course focuses on education, skills and career descriptions, current job trends, and career outlook, and current health issues and concerns. The Health Care Core Curriculum will be a staple of this course content. HCCC is articulated with Normandale College and ARCC. You can also participate in the student organizations HOSA and Skills USA.


    Course Outcomes:

    Research 3 possible health care occupations

    Research 3 colleges you would like to attend

    Demonstrate Professionalism

    HCCC outcomes

    Weekly current medical event topics


    Classroom Policies

    -Respect: others right to learn, teach, talk, listen, and participate!  I expect all people in this room will act responsibly and respectfully.  This is a college course, and though we have fun, we expect you to act appropriately.

    -Cell Phones: It is a district policy that cell phones are banned.   They will be confiscated if used at inappropriate times in class.

    -Absences and Tardies: as per school policy.  If you are absent, it is your job to get materials from those absences and catch up in a timely manner according to the school’s guidelines.

    -Assignments and due dates will be posted and up-held.  If there is an issue with the due dates, talk to me before the day it is due so that we can agree on a due date adjustment.

    -If a test is missed, you will have to make it up upon your return.


    Evaluation of Learning

    The course outcomes are converted to points/percentages and to grades.  The grades will be:

                A         =          90-100%                                            

                B         =          80-89%                                              

                C         =          70-79%                                                          

                D         =          60-69%

                F          =          below 60%


    Students are invited to join HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America.)  Or Skills USA they are both state and national organizations recognized for community service and medical competitive events.