• Emergency drills

    Preparation is the key to effective response in case of an emergency. Drills help our staff and students respond quickly, calmly and safely to a number of situations.  All schools are required to conduct 11 drills annually:

    • 5 fire drills
    • 5 lockdowns
    • 1 tornado  


    Emergency Response Protocols

    A school emergency can take a number of forms including an environmental event such as a chemical spill or gas leak; a weather emergency such as a tornado warning; or an intruder in or near the school.  The nature of a school emergency dictates what emergency response protocol school officials will put in place to ensure the safety and well being of students and staff. 


    Anoka-Hennepin Schools utilize the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) developed by the I Love U Guys Foundation.  The SRP is not based on individual scenarios, but on the response to any given situation. The premise is simple - there are four actions that can be performed during an emergency situation:

    Standard Response Protocols


    LockOUT - Secure the Perimeter. Schools are put on lockOUT to safeguard students and staff within the building based on activity in the surrounding area, not in the school or on school grounds. During a lockOUT, school staff move all students and activities inside and ensure the building is locked while learning continues inside the school with minimal classroom interruption or distractions. All doors are locked and no one can leave or enter the building without police or district approval. The school day operates as normal, unless the lockOUT interfere with release times.  


    LockDOWN - building is put into lockdown if an active threat is identified INSIDE the school.  During a lockDOWN, all students and staff are trained to get behind a locked door - Locks, Lights, Out of Sight. The expectation is that classroom doors are locked and secured, lights are turned off, and students and staff move to a location away from hallway windows and doors. Students are encouraged to remain quiet. Students and staff are released by district or emergency personnel only.  We also train for self-evacuation. 


    Evacuate -  in the event of certain building emergencies such as a fire, gas leak or unsafe situation near the school affecting release times, students and staff are moved to a safe assembly location.  Follow Reunification Instructions.


    Shelter - students and staff are instructed to take safe shelter in designated areas inside the school to protect them from hazardous materials or severe weather.