• Franklin Staff

    These Franklin staff are here to serve the children of our community.

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    Below is a list of teachers with classroom pages. If a teacher you're looking for is not on this list, it simply means that they don't use the web as a communication vehicle for their class(es) at this time. Please click "directory" at the top right for contact information on all staff.
  • Administration
    Adventures Plus
    Jane Machut
    Child Nutrition Program
    Jerry Anderson, Supervisor
    Jennifer Groebner
    Jackie Raymond
    Roxanne Tersteeg
    Community Education
    Custodial Staff
    John Valley, Building Supervisor
    Rob Bash
    Office Staff
    Debbie Prodahl
    Catti Knapp
    Para-Educators, Elementary
    Lana Jendro
    Brittany Roehl (K Readiness)
    Maria Urrutia
    Para-Educator, Health
    Darla Kruta
    Para-Educators, Special Education
    Pam Baker (K Readiness)
    Pam English
    Courtney Kuiken
    Rhonda Lenton
    Gerri Olson
    Amy Reiter-Taylor
    Jessica Sathre
    Sarah Stevenson 
    Jane Weston
    Para-Educator, Technology
    Mike Conrad
    Volunteer Services Coordinator
    Brenda Stephens