Welcome to University Avenue Elementary!

  • front of University AveUniversity Avenue Aerospace, Children's Engineering & Science serves approximately 600 kindergarten through fifth grade students in Blaine, Minnesota.
    The school is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) magnet school with unique emphases on Aerospace, Children's Engineering, and Science (ACES). Having a STEM focus and specializing in aerospace, the school approaches student learning in a unique way by utilizing its aerospace theme to better engage and excite its highly diverse learners. 
    We provide a unique education that inspires students to explore, discover, and understand the world. Students receive the guaranteed and viable Anoka-Hennepin Curriculum with additional experiences in aerospace and engineering. Field trips are designed to be hands-on learning experiences that increase background knowledge and enrich learning while also providing unique opportunities for all.
    We also have partnerships with:
    • Anoka County Airport
    • Jackson Middle School Observatory
    • NASA
    • The Space Foundation
    • Civil Air Patrol

    To find out more about our magnet school or schedule a tour please contact our Curriculum Integration Coordinator Kate Watson at 763-506-4560, kate.watson@ahschools.us.


Additional contact info

  • Main office: 763-506-4500
    Fax number: 763-506-4503
    Absence line: 763-506-4506
    Announcements: 763-506-4508
    Community Ed: 763-506-4513
    Custodial office: 763-506-4510 
    Mental Health Services: 763-506-4578
    Health Office: 763-506-4504 
    Media center: 763-506-4505
    Nutrition program: 763-506-4511
    Magnet program: 763-506-4560
    Social Worker: 763-506-4566

University ACES are committed to these value added standards

  • We learn through inquiry

    • Formulate questions that guide the inquiry process
    • Use science notebooks as a data collection and personal reference tool 
    • Use various tools to observe, record, analyze and report results.
    • Engage in common experiences in the science lab, computer lab, outdoor spaces, and community
    • Draw conclusions based on evidence from investigations

    We collaborate to develop logical arguments, compare ideas, and draw conclusions

    • Participate in various collaborative groups in all content areas
    • Work directly with experts in the community and beyond

    We use technology in multiple ways to support and share our learning

    • Use computer coding to create or express ideas
    • Use technology as a tool to solve problems
    • Navigate web-based resources to investigate topics
    • Create multimedia presentations using current technological tools

    We recognize, embrace, and respect others ideas, backgrounds, and experiences

    • We treat everyone as a hard working human being
    • We value each other’s ideas and contributions
    • We believe that everyone should be treated with dignity at all times
    • We believe that all are responsible to create a warm, welcoming, and positive learning environment