• Find a teacher's classroom page

    Below is a list of teachers with classroom pages. If a teacher you're looking for is not on this list, it simply means that they don't use the web as a communication vehicle for their class(es) at this time. Please click "directory" at the top right for contact information on all staff.
  • KLUP  Natalie Lupo
    KSIN   Devon Sinclair
    KSTR  Melissa Strommen
    KTHA  Jennifer Thate
    KWEI  Maddie Weiler
    1APP   Anna Appicelli
    1BRI   Alexandra Brinda
    1COD  Arja Cody
    1KEL   Andrea Kelner
    1MED  Rachel Menard
    2NOR   Sheila Nord
    2SAB   Kristi Sabby
    2SCH   Andrea Schoeberl 
    2WEI   Jenna Weisser
    3HOU   Cindy Houle
    3HUO   Brian Huot 
    3MOR  Mary Moraczewski
    3THO   Diane Thoemke
    4DAV   Nyomi Davis (Humanities)
    4NOR  Mollie Norton (Inquiry)
    4JOH   Rachel Johnson (Inquiry)
    4ZIM   Erin Zimmerman (Humanities)
    5HAR   Janae Harris (Humanities)
    5MIE   Tamara Miels (Inquiry)
    5NYE   Michelle Nye (Inquiry) 
    5SCA  Mary Scales (Humanities)