• Welcome to Ms. Regenscheid's Website
    6th grade English Language Arts 6 at Oak View Middle School
    I am excited to work with 6th graders, watching their growth as readers and writers!
    For questions about daily assignments, please check your child's agenda book.   A daily agenda is written on the board, and students are expected to write this in their agenda books at the start of each class.  
    If a second copy of any assignment is needed, have your child check the "extra papers" bin in the classroom; if no copies are available, he/she can request one from me directly.
    You can access your child's grades and assignments online through AH Connect. Directions for log in can be found at AH Connect Instructions. ***Please note, an empty box in the grade book means that the grade has not yet been entered. It does not mean the assignment is missing.
    Feel free to email me at any time with questions.
  • Mrs. Regenscheid
    Grade 6 English Language Arts
    Oak View Middle School
    15400 Hanson Boulevard
    Andover, MN 55304
  • Teaching Schedule:
      Day 1    Day 2
     Period 1 Advanced ELA 6 Advanced ELA 6
     Period 2 (shared with Mrs. Schaust) (shared with Mrs. Schaust)
     Period 3    
     Period 4  ELA 6 per 4/5 ELA 6 per 4/5
     Period 5 (Lunch 2 11:42-12:08) (Lunch 2 11:42-12:08)  
     Period 6   ELA 6  per 6/7  ELA 6  per 6/7 
     Period 7   ELA 6  per 6/7  ELA 6  per 6/7