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    May 15, 2020

    Great news for Hoover, we have been awarded a $1900 Grant from AHEF (Anoka Hennepin Education Foundation) to purchase STEM kits and supplies for our new MakerSpace!

    Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Strusz met in January to "vision" the space and how it will be utilized with students, and until the stay at home orders Mrs. Bailey had been bringing in items to get it started. We have also had donations from Hoover parents. In early March Mrs. Bailey wrote and submitted the grant.

    We found out this week that we will receive the $1900 grant for the 2020-2021 school year. Materials can be ordered July 1 and ready to go in the fall. In addition, student council would like to contribute the bins we will use to store these items.

    We will have to figure out how to safely share or divide materials, but this will be a great opportunity to practice the engineering process and enjoy learning new skills! Thank you so much to the Anoka Hennepin Education Foundation for your generous grant!

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