• Global Studies 8 Home Page
    "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind."
  • Global Studies 8 Course Layout!

    Units of Study - Ah....the whole WORLD
    Trimester 1
    Unit 1 - Intro Unit- Mapping, Culture, etc.
    Unit 2 - North America- Minnesota, USA, and Canada 
    Trimester 2
    Unit 3 - Latin America- Central and South America
    Unit 4 - Europe- European Countries and Russia
    Unit 5 - Sub-Africa- A broad look at the many different regions of Africa south of the Sahara
    Trimester 3
    Unit 6 - Middle East and Northern Africa- Look at the 3 major religions in the Middle East
    Unit 7 - Monsoon Asia- All of Asia except Russia and the Middle East
    Unit 8 - Oceania- Australia and Antarctica
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