• Q: What are the iPad Basics?

    Posted by: Matthew Dobrzeniecki


    Your iPad is capable of doing many things and is jammed pack full of features. To help get a better understanding on how these features work and where to find them, Apple has created an online user manual. Below you can find links to Apple's website based on your need.


    Home Screen Basics

    This section will cover everything related to the home screen (navigating the home screen, switching apps, removing apps, gestures and much more)

    Control Center

    Within this section, you find how to access Control Center and how it can useful to your iPad use


    Here you will be able to learn how to utilize the powerful Search function on your device


    If you plan on using Siri on your iPad, this section will give you a brief overview on what Siri can do

    Personalizing Your iPad

    This section will show you how to use folders, move your apps around, adjust screen brightness and changing your wallpaper

    Setting Restrictions

    Within this secion, you will learn how to enable and use restrictions to lock down your iPad to only use certain features

    Accessibility Features

    Here you will find all the built in accessibility features and how to enable them for your use


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  • Q: How do I go about requesting an iPad?

    Posted by: Matthew Dobrzeniecki


    If you are wanting to request a Trial iPad for a student, you will need to fill out an iPad Request Form. A typical trial period for an iPad lasts for six weeks. After you have filled out the form, a supervisor will look over your request. Once the request has been approved, Matthew Dobrzeniecki will begin setting up your iPad with the apps requested. You will be notified via email when your device is all ready to go.


    If you are wanting to request a set of iPads for classroom use or for a team of people, you will need to fill out the Innovative Grant Request Form.


    Please contact Matthew Dobrzeniecki if you have any questions regarding iPad requests.


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  • Q: How do I request apps for my iPad?

    Posted by: Matthew Dobrzeniecki


    If you're wanting additional apps to be added to your iPad or would like to request an app to be purchased, you will need to fill out the App Request for Existing iPads Form.


    On the form, you will need to include the app name, how much the app(s) costs and the iTunes Store link. Once, your app request has been approved, you will be notified when the apps have been "pushed" to your device.


    *You are limited to (5) apps at a time*


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  • Q: Is it okay to update the iPad's iOS?

    Posted by: Matthew Dobrzeniecki


    When it comes to updating the iOS (Operating System) on your iPad, it's always best practice to wait a few weeks after the release of the iOS. Unfortunately, past iOS releases have made things worse rather than improving the device's funcationality. By waiting, this allows Apple to fix any bugs that may be within the new iOS.


    Avaiable iOS Updates for iPads

    -If you have an iPad 2, (device has a 30-pin charging port) you wont be able to upgrade the iOS past 9.3.5.

    -If you have an iPad Air and above, (device has a lightning charging port) you will be able to upgrade to the latest iOS 10.1.1


    Updating iOS Process

    1.) Turn iPad on and go the settings app (silver gears icon)

    2.) Tap on "General"

    3.) Tap on "Software Update"

    4.) If there's an update available for your device, you will have the option to "Download & Install" It's best to have your device plugged in during the update process and be on a stable wifi network. You do have the option of either updating your device at your school or at home.


    *If you do plan on updating your device's iOS, it's best to backup any photos or videos by either emailing copies to yourself or uploading them to your Google Drive*


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  • Q: How do I go about using Guided Access on the iPad?

    Posted by: Matthew Dobrzeniecki


    To learn more about using Guided Access on your iPad, you can visit Apple's step-by-step guide via their website. There you will find out how to turn on Guided Access, begin a Guided Access session and much more.


    Guided Access Instructions


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  • Q: Can I enable certain restrictions on the iPad?

    Posted by: Matthew Dobrzeniecki


    Yes! To enable the restrictions feature on your iPad, you will need to go to the "Settings" app. Once there, you will tap General>Restrictions>Enable Restrictions. At this point, you will be asked to enter a passcode (if you forget the passcode down the road, we can easily remove the restrctions passcode remotely). After adding your passcode, you will then be able to turn off certain features on your iPad.


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  • Q: I would like to use the built in dictation tool. How do I access it?

    Posted by: Matthew Dobrzeniecki


    Built into the keyboard of your iPad Air or newer is a dictation tool. To use this tool, open an app that requires you to type using the onscreen keyboard. When the keyboard pops up, look at the bottom left hand corner. There you will see a little microphone icon. The first time you tap the icon, you will be asked to "Enable Dictation?" Once you have enabled dictation, you will now be able to use the speech to text feature. Click "Done" when you have finished using the dictation tool.


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  • Q: I am locked out of the iPad! What should I do?

    Posted by: Matthew Dobrzeniecki


    The easiest way to fix your iPad if you are locked out, is to contact Matthew Dobrzeniecki. In your email, please include the asset tag number that's located on the back of the device. At that point, we will be able to remotely remove the passcode set and give access to your iPad again.


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