• Welcome to the Technology Resource Tools page! Here you will find information and helpful tips regarding iPads, software, mileage reports and much more!


    Everything iPads

    iTunes & app store accounts - Whether you need help creating a "Professional iTunes Account" or you have general iTunes/App Store questions, this section is for you.

    iPad Q&A
    - Here you will find answers to common questions regarding iPads deployed to students and staff. Everything from iPad basics, to how to use all the accessibility features built into the device.
  • iPad/iPod Requests

    Trial iPad or iPod Touch - For a special education teacher who would like to trial an iPod Touch or an iPad with one of your students for educational/therapy purposes. 
    AAC iPad Trial - For SLPs to request a 6 week trial of an iPad with specific AAC software installed.
    App Request for Existing iPads - To request that an app or apps be deployed to an iPad you already have or multiple iPads.
    Request to Purchase an iOS App for a Student Owned Device - Special Education Case Managers ONLY: Use this form to request an app to be purchased for a student owned iOS device for access purposes only.
    iOS Apps Available - (UPDATED) Our Teaching and Learning Specialists created an App List of good apps to use.  However, keeping up with apps is an overwhelming process, so this list may be outdated. 
    Innovative Grant Proposal -  To request a SET of devices (iPad, iPod, Chromebooks, etc.) to use with a group of students or staff.
  • Read&Write for Google™

    Read&Write Student Request Form - Here you can submit a request to have a Read&Write account activated. Once your account is activated, you will receive an email from Michele Thury.
    Read & Write for Google Free for Teachers - Use this link to obtain a free license of Read & Write for Google.  The premium version of Read & Write for Google is free for teachers and is the same version that the students use.  Only the required fields are needed. For the School Administrator field type in Bruce Dewitt and bruce.dewitt@ahschools.us. (Do not use this link for students.)
    Installation instructions - Within this Google Doc, you will find detailed instructions for how to install the Read&Write extension for Google Chrome.
    Read&Write for Google Chrome user guide - Included on this PDF provided by texthelp™supplies you with quick tips and a complete overview of all the icons and their uses.
    Read&Write for iPad user guide - In this PDF provided by texthelp™shows step-by-step instructions how to install the Read&Write for iPad app and keyboard.

    Apps and Software

    Google hangouts - Google Hangouts allows you to share your computer screen with students via iPad, Chromebook or desktop computer. Included on this page are instructions on how to use Google Hangouts and common questions regarding Google Hangouts.


    Mileage Reports 
    Note: If you have mileage to report from 2016, you will need to submit a 2016 Mileage Report Form with the 2016 rate. If you are switching over to the updated 2017 form, you will need to "Make a Copy" of the new version to your Google Drive. Instructions on how to make a copy to your drive is explained in the Mileage Report Instructions linked below.
    2017 mileage report form - Trips containing two locations. (Updated with 2017 rate)

    2016 mileage report form - Trips containing two locations.

    Mileage report instructions - Detailed instructions on how to use the new mileage report form.

    Mileage report Q & A - Commonly asked questions regarding the mileage report forms.
    If you have any questions or need help regarding iPads or the new mileage report forms, please contact Matthew Dobrzeniecki