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2023-24 Above & Beyond Awards recipient: Hannah Schrempp

Hannah Schrempp(04/03/24) “Her authentic and kind approach allows students to connect with her on a personal level. This commitment extends beyond the classroom, fostering a strong sense of community within the school.” - Carolyn Conner, parent of a student from Oak View Middle School.

Working alongside her students for almost 11 years, Hannah Schrempp strives to create a vibrant and inclusive classroom community where every individual feels not only seen and heard but genuinely loved. “When I have students within my four walls, I do whatever I can to make sure every single student is successful,” Schrempp said. “I try to meet them where they are at and provide necessary accommodations/modifications so students leave happy and stress-free.”

Families report that on the first day of school, she transformed her classroom into a restaurant complete with tablecloths, place settings and a menu of books to create a captivating learning environment. 

“This creativity extends throughout the year with various themed activities and games, making learning exciting for her middle school students. My son has come home many times this year excited to explain what Mrs. Schrempp had planned for that day,” Conner said. “This innovative approach exceeds the expectations of a typical classroom, leaving a lasting impact on the students.”

Schrempp’s efforts to connect with students extend beyond her traditional classroom. She volunteered to run detention at the school to connect with students who aren’t assigned to her class, and attended elementary school literacy training to bridge elementary school tactics to what she is teaching when students move on to middle school. 

Schrempp works to enhance student learning with transformative opportunities-which she describes are as simple as integrating multimedia and real-life experiences into the classroom. By utilizing classroom discussions, mini- lessons, one-on-one conferencing, interactive and collaborative projects, she aims to provide a dynamic and personalized journey for each student that allows them to incorporate their artistic or technical interests into their learning. 

After meeting with Schrempp at conferences, Conner and her family were ‘blown away’ by her knowledge of their student’s strengths and opportunities to gain additional support.  “Her passion for teaching was palatable and we felt so lucky as parents that our son got put in her class,” Conner said. “Hannah Schrempp's care and concern for her students are evident in her proactive teaching style. She ensures every student is set up for success by addressing individual needs…and offering support and guidance.”

The 2024 Above & Beyond Awards ceremony to honor Schrempp and 14 other exceptional employees will take place April 3 at the Educational Service Center (ESC).