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    8th Grade Band/Orchestra and Pride Alive Students,


    This year, we are planning to continue a longstanding Oak View Middle School tradition by having our Memorial Day Assembly via video and we are hoping you would be willing to help us honor our military service members.


    Here are some specifics about your important role.


    Make/create/decorate a sign to say “Thanks” members of our Armed Forces and Service Members.  A short message is best.  Also, include your Frist Name and your instrument on your sign.  Finally, take a photo of yourself holding your sign and turn it in to your Google Classroom Memorial Day Assembly class. (or email your music teacher)


    Things to remember in your photo….

    *Wear nice clothes!  “Black/White” concert attire works great (or PRIDE ALIVE shirt).  

    *Take a photo of yourself in your living room, by the fireplace, or even outside. (but not in your garage or messy bedroom). We need your photo to be as professional looking as possible!

    *Take a photo from your waist up to your head.  This will give us a good “close-up” shot of your part in our program.

    * Feel free to have family member standing next to you, if you wish.  We all are part of this!  If your parent/relatives want to dress in uniform, feel free! 

    *Finally, turn in your photo to your Google Classroom Memorial Day Class (or email your music teacher)


    We will then take all of our photos and create an iMovie as part of our assembly and share with Oak View students.


        Please submit your photo by, Monday May 4th


         Thank you,

         Mr. Bleess, Band

         Ms. Pavot, Orchestra

         Ms. Olson, Choir