• Secondary Technical Education Program

    Cosmetology & Barbering Careers II


    Crystal Scott

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    Course Description:

    Throughout the trimester you will be exploring a variety of cosmetology and barbering concepts as they relate to to applications of hair, skin, and nail services.  Together we will explore hair color theory and application methods, chemical texture techniques, special occasion and special effects makeup, false eyelash application, advanced skin care/facial products & methods, hair removal methods, manicuring/pedicuring, nail extension applications, professional selling, leadership development, and industry connections.  MN State safety and sanitation regulations, and Cosmetology specific Anatomy and Physiology will be a focal point in all service application.


    **In addition to your academic grade, you will also be assessed on career and employability criteria as an indicator of College and Career Readiness.  Your grade will be determined by your ability to demonstrate proficiency in industry specific standards that correlate directly to current professional practice.  The areas that will be assessed will include, but are not limited to punctuality, attendance, appropriate use of electronic devices and lab equipment, interpersonal skills, integrity, time & task management, and communication skills.

    See Human Services Employability Rubric for more details and an outline of Employability Skills grading criteria


    College Credit:

    A student in this course has the opportunity to earn college credit.

    COLLEGE CREDIT OPTION:  Articulated College Credit (ACC) with the College(s) Below:


    Students that complete the course and meet the minimum requirements will have the opportunity to earn ACC credit in the following:

    • Professional Selling (BUSN 2252) – 3 credits at Normandale Community College

    In addition, students have the opportunity to receive additional college credit awards and benefits at several partnering colleges and technical cosmetology and barbering programs for participating in our program (Programs are subject to change, so please ask for a copy of the up to date list or visit the classroom websites for more information).  Since we are a career and technical education exploration course, and not accredited by the BCE, STEP cannot certify state cosmetology hours.


    Minimum Requirements for Earning Articulated College Credit (ACC) Include:

    • Students must finish the course with a final grade of 85% or above, and not exceed the district maximum absence rule of 7 unexcused absences for award of ACC.  Additional benefits may be available to students who finish the course with a final course grade of 80% of above.

    What is Articulated College Credit (ACC)?

    • This is an opportunity for 10th, 11th, and 12th graders to earn Technical or Community college credits (Articulated College Credit) for free while still attending and earning high school credit
    • Your teacher has specific requirements in order for you to earn the college credit.  Often times it is assessment results, a minimum grade in the course (usually an A or B), attendance requirements, etc.
    • Any student can qualify for ACC as long as an account is created on the www.ctecreditmn.com website and the minimum requirements are met
    • On this website, you will be able to download your ACC record when you register at a college to receive the credit(s) earned
    • The certificate will state which college(s) the credit is valid.  Other colleges MAY honor the credits
    • You must always check with the college  or university of your choice for specific criteria in a program or major – not all credits will move into all programs or majors
    • For more information, see our ACC website at www.ctecreditmn.com
    • Students who do not meet minimum grading requirements will not be reflected nor penalized

    For more information, visit our website at www.anoka.k12.mn.us/step


    Reimbursable Expenses:

    Not applicable for this course, however there are optional student material kits that can be purchased for use in class and will be made available following the start of the course upon request.


    Text and References:

    • Milady. (2016). Milady’s Standard Cosmetology. Delmar, Thomson Learning Inc.
    • Ingram, T., LaForge, R., Avila, R., Schwepker, C., and Williams, M. (2012). SELL. Cengage Learning, 3rd Edition.


    Course Standard Outline:





    Business Fundamentals



    Orientation:History & Career Opportunities, Professional Image, Communication



    Profession of Selling



    Customer Relationships: Successful selling



    Sales Presentation: Techniques, Letters, and Plans



    General Sciences



    Safety & Sanitation



    Anatomy & Physiology



    Physical Service



    Hair: Shampooing/Conditioning, Blow-outs, Wet Styling - Pin Curls/ Finger Wave/Roller Setting, Advanced Thermal Styling, Advanced Sectioning - Style Mapping, Color Theory & Basic Application, Chemistry, Chemical Texture, Advanced Braiding - Extensions and Wigs



    Skin: Advanced Histology, Skin Analysis, Skin Conditions (infectious diseases, disorders), Brow Shaping/Waxing, Specialty Facials/Treatment, Advanced Make-up Application, Eyelash Applications - Strip/Individuals



    Nails: Diseases & Disorders, Advanced polish applications - Nail Art, Manicuring/Pedicuring,  Nail Extensions - Acrylic/Gel Application



    Course Outcomes - Upon successful completion of the course students will understand:

    • (1)-Students will understand that communication and history impact cosmetology and barbering careers. The process of professional selling involves an emphasis on how to build and maintain sales relationships and develops need-based selling skills that plan, prepare, and deliver sales presentations while employing active listening skills, effective communication, trust and ethics, all while addressing buyers concerns and earning commitment.
    • (2)-Students will understand that there are governing agencies that oversee the cosmetology and barbering industries in the administration and development of physical service, products, and equipment and that it is the responsibility of individual practitioners to familiarize themselves with the laws and rules of practice in their state.
    • (3)-Students will understand that a foundational understanding of anatomy and physiology is essential to the safe development of physical services administered in the cosmetology and barbering industries.
    • (4)-Students will understand that physical services provided in a salon should be guided by the Laws and Rules set forth by the Minnesota Board of Cosmetologists to ensure client safety and approved procedures should be followed to prevent injury.
    • (5)-Students will understand that hair services require a foundational understanding of the elements and principles of design, differing hair types and their properties, creativity and artistic vision, application of a multitude of technical tools, and an understanding of chemical products and their properties and intended use.
    • (6)-Students will understand that skin services must be performed in a safe and sanitary environment with a firm understanding of proper technique, common skin disorders and diseases, and basic makeup application techniques and product formulations.
    • (7)-Students will understand that nails and hands are societally viewed as a benchmark in the assessment of a person both socially, and professionally.  Correct application of nail services helps you to identify present conditions and apply artistic enhancements to meet the needs of a client.   


    Assessment of Student Performance

    Students will be expected to:

      • (1) Practice respectful and safe behavior at all times, actively participate in classroom activities, complete and submit coursework, and arrive to class on time with all materials ready.  


    • (2) Work both individually and collaboratively on many projects and active participation is strongly encouraged and supported to help each student succeed.
    • (3) Complete most coursework in class, however students will occasionally need to complete readings, research, and enrichment activities outside of class to fulfill the enrichment area of the course.
    • (4) Turn work in by assigned due date however, work will be accepted without penalty with prior approval of extension and signature from instructor, however no work will ever be turned away.  Any work turned in past the assigned due date without prior approval will be subject to a reduction, or total loss of Employability points, resulting in a final grade no greater than 90% for that assignment.
    • (5) Speak to teacher about concerns during individual work time or anytime before school between 7:15-7:50am or after school between 2:00-2:55, keep in mind however, that if you ever feel as though you need someone to talk to, my door is always open and if I am unable to provide immediate assistance, I can help you to find an advisor who is available.
    • (6) Maintain a passing grade at all times during the course or students parents/guardians will be contacted if the student grade falls below a C-, and remains below a C- for more than one grading cycle (2 weeks) and additional after school help will be made available and strongly encouraged.



    Course Evaluation

    5%                  Final Portfolio/Performance Assessment

    5%                  Written NOCTI Exam

    90%                Articulated Standards


    District Grading Scale:

    A=90-100% B=80-89.9% C=70-79.9% D=60-69.9% F=59.9% or below 


    Additional Expenses for the Student

    Throughout the course, opportunities for field trips may become available and small presentation fees may apply, however financial assistance is needed where applicable.  The student may also have the opportunity to participate in affiliated student organizations throughout the academic year, additional information will be provided upon registration. Student supply kits are available for student purchase.  While not required, these kits allow students to continue their learning outside of class and have a personal set of implements for course use. Purchased kits are the property of the student after purchase and can be used as is appropriate.  Students are responsible for their personal belongings. **Students will be provided order forms for purchase of optional kits and add-on items in the first 2 weeks of class.

    Academic Integrity

    Academic dishonesty in any portion of the academic work for a course shall be grounds for awarding a grade of F or N for the entire course. Turnitin.com is supported and encouraged by ISD#11 and will be used where appropriate.


    Required Student Supplies

    1” 3-Ring Binder

    100 Index cards

    5-10 Tabbed Dividers

    Notebook/Loose Paper

    Writing Utensils

    10-20 Page Protectors (recommended)

    1-2 Small Photo Albums (recommended)

    Colored Pencils/Markers (optional)

    **Procedure Cards from Fashion & Cosmetology Careers I and/or Cosmetology & Barbering Careers Course**

    Please fill out and detach below the dotted line to turn in to the instructor acknowledging that you have reviewed the material contained in this syllabus and understand the expectations of you during our time together in Cosmetology and Barbering Careers.



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    Parent and/or Guardian preferred method of contact and current contact information:


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