• What is Articulated College Credit (ACC)?

    • This is an opportunity for 10th, 11th, and 12th graders to earn Technical or Community college credits (Articulated College Credit) for free while still attending and earning high school credit
    • Your teacher has specific requirements in order for you to earn the college credit.  Often times it is assessment results, a minimum grade in the course (usually an A or B), attendance requirements, etc.
    • Any student can qualify for ACC as long as an account is created on the www.ctecreditmn.com website and the minimum requirements are met
    • On this website, you will be able to download your ACC record when you register at a college to receive the credit(s) earned
    • The certificate will state which college(s) the credit is valid.  Other colleges MAY honor the credits
    • You must always check with the college  or university of your choice for specific criteria in a program or major – not all credits will move into all programs or majors
    • For more information, see our ACC website at www.ctecreditmn.com
    • Students who do not meet minimum grading requirements will not be reflected nor penalized

    For more information, visit our website at www.ahschools.us/step under academics, college credit.

    Salon, Spa, and Barbering Careers Instructors 

    Crystal Scott, Instructor                               Kristin Shively, Instructor

    Voicemail:  763-433-4083                              Voicemail:  763-433-4072

    Email: Crystal.scott@ahschools.us          Email: Kristin.shively@ahschools.us

    Google: Crystal.scott@ahschools.us               Google: Kristin.shively@ahschools.us


    Hannah DeFranco, Instructor

    Voicemail:  763-433-4042

    Email: Hannah.defranco@ahschools.us

    Google: Hannah.defranco@ahschools.us

     Current Articulation Agreements for the 2016-2017 School Year:

    Salon, Spa & Barbering Careers I

    Exceptional Customer Service BUSN 1210 – 3 Credits - Normandale Community College

    Introduction to Service & Work Team Strategies BUSN 1150 – Hennepin Tech College


    Salon, Spa, & Barbering Careers II

    Professional Selling BUSN 1149 – 3 Credits – Anoka Ramsey Community College

    Introduction to Selling BUSN 1020 – 3 Credits – Hennepin Tech College

    Professional Selling BUSN 2252 – 3 Credits - Normandale Community College


    In addition to the listed articulations, please consider the following:

    Based on the number of courses completed and student attendance, students have the opportunity to receive additional financial benefits at the partnering colleges and technical programs for participating in our program.  Since we are career exploration course, and not accredited by the BCE, STEP cannot certify state cosmetology hours.  However awards up to $3,000 in tuition reduction may be accessible to you following completion of our courses at the discretion of partnering schools. 

    Minimum Requirements for Earning Articulated College Credit (ACC) Include:
    • Students must finish the course with a final grade of 85% or above, and not exceed the district maximum absence rule of 7 unexcused absences for award of ACC.  Partial benefits may be available to students who finish the course with a final course grade of 80% of above.