• My son/daughter is bringing his iPad to school for instructional purposes. Will he/she have access to things he normally does with district equipment?

    Answer: Your son/daughter will have access to any web-based software. Software may run differently on different devices for varying reasons. You should consult your owner’s manual for software limitations. (Ex. iPads cannot run software requiring Flash Player)

    As a parent, am I required to add additional software (virus protection, filter, tracking device etc.) to my child’s technology tool?

    Answer: No. Currently we are not requiring any additional software for school use. Virus protection is always advised, but not required. While on the GUEST network, students will be monitored through the district’s filter, so there is no need for additional filtering software.

    I have read the terms of service and I do not wish to have my daughter accessing the Internet using her own laptop. I would like to allow her to continue using her computer for productivity, but not the Internet. Is this allowable under this plan?

    Answer: Yes, your daughter may choose not to accept the terms of use, however, the rules outlined in the AUP still apply for technology use of any kind (Internet or other). Also, it is not the responsibility of campus staff to ensure she has not accessed the Web on her own technology device. Damage or theft is still the responsibility of the owner.

    If my son/daughter’s laptop is stolen or damaged, what recourse can I take?

    Answer: Bringing your own technology tools to school can be useful, however some risks are involved as well. It is always a good idea to record the device’s serial number to have in case of theft. Anoka-Hennepin is not responsible for the theft of a device nor are we responsible for any damage done to the device while at school. Any time a theft occurs, your daughter should contact a school administrator or police liaison officer to make him/her aware of the offense.

    What are the classroom rules for using student owned devices including phones?

    Answer: Teachers make the final decision for any tools used in the classroom; student owned equipment would be no different. It will be up to the individual teachers to communicate their expectations to parents and students. Access is only available, not guaranteed for each classroom situation.

    Where can I see the acceptable technology use policy?

    Answer: School Board policy is available online at the following link, acceptable use policy.