Meet Franklin’s School Social Worker
    Hi, my name is Kathryn Scheuring and I am the School Social Worker at Franklin Elementary. My role is to help the teacher, student, and family identify and address issues that may prevent the student from being successful in the school setting. I am a member of our Student Success Team and provide assessment and interventions to help improve student’s social/behavioral functioning. I provide classroom guidance lessons to all grade levels focusing on self-regulation and social/emotional learning. I facilitate New Student Groups at the start of each year and routinely check-in with students new to our school. I provide counseling and meet with students both individually and in small groups. Some common reasons for referral would be:
    • Family change (divorce, separation, moving)
    • Grief and Loss
    • Anxiety - Excessive Worries
    • Anger/Impulsiveness
    • New student Adjustment
    • Bullying and Friendship Difficulties
    • Peer Mediation
    • Irregular Attendance
    • Self-esteem Concerns
    Additionally, I am here as a resource to assist families in connecting with available community resources and can provide referrals to appropriate agencies.
    Please feel free to call or email me with any concerns regarding your child’s social/emotional adjustment. Wishing all a Great and Successful School Year!!



  • Kathryn Scheuring
    School Social Worker
    Franklin Elementary
    215 West Main Street
    Anoka, Minnesota 55303