• The Golden Pandas FIRST LEGO League team from Andover, MN is made up of 6 students from Oak View Middle School.They meet once every week for 2 hours after school as an academic enrichment program.
    The team has been researching how to create a safe habitat for pandas by creating a Panda Preserve that uses technological advancements to help them live in a natural environment, but safe from predators. They have a fun skit that they wrote and will be giving to the Research judges at the tournament.
    They are extremely proud of their great robot design and programming using multiple sensors. They have developed extremely reliable robot programming with technical navigation of the mission field to accomplish the following missions:
    • Shark Shipment (7 points)
    • Service Dog Action (7 points)
    • Milk Automation (20 points)
    • Training & Research - Zoologist delivery (15 points)
    • Panda Release (10 points)
    • Gecko Biomimicry (15 points)
    • Bee Keeping (12 points)
    You can view their missions at these links to YouTube:
    • Shark (uses wall follower attachment and light sensor)
    • -
    • Gecko (uses 2 mechanical arms, 2 different line followers, light sensor, ultrasonic sensor, wheel rotations, motor degrees, and time to consistently accomplish 5 missions 
    • -
    • Bee Keeping (uses a long motorized arm)