Support at Evergreen Park - Title I information

  • Title I school teams meet with families each year to determine the best ways to work together to make sure all students get the individual support they need to reach and exceed grade level standards. The families and staff at Evergreen Park annually discuss, review and revise a Title I Family-School Compact - which is a jointly developed agreement. 

    Title I School Improvement Strategies

    Research based best practice instructional strategies:

    • New-Character Strong-Pilot tier 1 Social Emotional Learning, Tier II Interventions.
    • Maintain-Catalyst Demonstration status, Morning meeting and calming spaces, student goal setting
      and data tracking, and STEM innovation. 

    Progress on these school efforts will be reported to families.

    In the Classroom

    Teachers and support staff at EGP STEM school of Innovation developed goals to support students’ learning. These include: Best Practices through our Wonders and Bridges curriculum.

    Differentiation instruction to meet individual needs, Catalyst classroom management strategies to promote a calm, productive learning environment.

    With our STEM focus each grade level becomes experts in their area of focus.

    Here are their areas of expertise:

    • K-Explorers
    • 1-Imaginers
    • 2-Investigators
    • 3-Problem Solvers
    • 4-Engineers
    • 5-Innovators

    At Home

    • Support  your child at home with regular attendance.
    • Discuss with your child what they did at school and help practice the skills being taught in reading and math.
    • Communicate with teachers, administrators, parent educators, and others to see if your child needs additional support.


    • Grade level expectations and student progress will be explained at fall and winter conferences.
    • Results of MCA, MAP, and other grade appropriate assessments will be provided at conferences and made available by logging into My Student Information on A-H Connect.

    Find the following information by visiting our school website

    • Volunteer opportunities
    • Details about the family events that will b happening at our school
    • Translations of school information

    Each classroom teacher has a preferred method of communication with families. It may be weekly or monthly newsletters, emails or texts.

    Other communications include:

    More Information

    View the Evergreen Park Elementary School family engagement plan. (2022-23 school year)

    View the annual meeting presentation. (2022-23 school year)

    View the Evergreen Park Title I Family-School Compact brochure. (2022-23 school year)

Events at the school

  • Open House

  • Title I Annual Meeing

  • Family Engagement Nights

  • Evergreen Parent Involvement Club (EPIC) Meetings

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