• Q: How do I create a "Professional iTunes Account"

    Posted by: Matthew Dobrzeniecki


    Creating a Professional iTunes Account is pretty simple and should take no longer than 10 minutes of your time. By creating a Professional iTunes Account you will be able to download school safe and appropriate free apps as needed to your teacher iPad and/or classroom iPad. But, just like before, any apps that are paid and for student use will need an App Request Form filled out if not included in the initital device request.


    As we move forward with deploying more and more iPads (especially the new iPad Air 2s) the need for a "Professional iTunes Account" will be strongly advised for the purpose of downloading school safe and appropriate free apps.


    Note: When creating your iTunes account via the method linked below, you will not need to add/link any payment information to your account.


    To create an Professional iTunes Account, please follow the instructions provided by Apple from their website:

    Create or use your Apple ID without a payment method


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  • Q: Is it okay to download FREE apps from the app store on my own?

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    Yes you can! But, before downloading any app (free or not), it's always best practice to do some research on the app. Even though some apps may look kid friendly based on the preview screenshots, doesn't mean it's 100% kid friendly and/or school appropriate.


    Included on this page, you will find a section discussing tools for researching apps and if they are student appropriate.


    If you have any questions regarding certain apps, please feel free to email Matthew Dobrzeniecki.


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  • Q: How can I tell if an app is school and age appropriate?

    Posted by: Matthew Dobrzeniecki


    When it comes to downloading apps from the app store, it's sometimes hard to figure out which apps are safe for student use. To find out if an app is school and student appropriate, you can use the following tools below:


    1.) App Store Itself - By scrolling to the very bottom of an app's page, you will find the word "Rating" within the "Information" section. This section will give you a brief overview of what the suggested age group is as well as what may be contained within the app.


    2.) Common Sense Education - Here you can search for a specific app and then get a very thourough review including Pros, Cons, Purpose, Teacher Ratings, and different ways teachers can use the app.


    Note: ALWAYS be sure to research an app before downloading; especially if the app is for student use.


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