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Memorial Day meaning explained at Morris Bye student assembly

(05/24/24) Students at Morris Bye Elementary in Coon Rapids received a real world civics lesson from leaders who live in their community of CoonMorris Bye Memorial presentation Rapids on Monday, May 20.  

Coon Rapids VFW Post 9625 and American Legion Post 334 representatives Nathan Morgan, Randy Nelson, Anne Steffen, Susan Thompson and Richard Lien teamed up with an overview of Memorial Day, including the history of the holiday, the reason it is recognized, how the holiday is celebrated and the differences between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Go deeper: Commander Nathan Morgan, who is also a parent of Morris Bye students, helped make the connection. Student response to learning from those in their community provides a personal perspective regarding the importance of Memorial Day both across the nation and in the community.    

View photos from the event.