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School Board resolves budget impasse, commits to further discussion

Navy blue megaphone(04/24/2024) An impasse regarding approval of the 2024-25 district budget was resolved by the Anoka-Hennepin School Board during a work session held Tuesday, April 23 at the Educational Services Center in Anoka. 

The basics: Information shared at recent public meetings and on social media indicated that three members of the six member Anoka-Hennepin School Board would not vote to approve the district budget for next year as required by state law citing a series of concerns. A process to further study and resolve these matters was developed using existing board timelines and procedures during a five and a half hour meeting where the issues were separated from the budget approval process. 

Why it matters: Resolution of the budget impasse means that the district is no longer under the threat of a shutdown on July 1, 2024 and planning for the next school year will continue as planned. 

The School Board is committed to a shared leadership model with co-chairs Zach Arco and Kacy Deschene coordinating operations and ensuring all members have their voices heard as part of the decision making process.

Next steps: The district is committed to accuracy and transparency in communication and will share information regarding how each of the items will be considered by the School Board in separate communication when an approved timeline and process has been determined. 

Timeline: Throughout the year, School Boards review proposed and amended budgets for each school year. Approval of the budget follows a process that concludes with consideration of approval. 

  • The 2024-25 school year budget will be on the agenda, requiring a vote at the June 24, 2024 School Board meeting.
  • The School Board will review a draft budget at its June 10, 2024 meeting.
  • The budget review process for the 2024-25 school year formally began in November 2023.

Looking ahead: The School Board is considering a two-phased budget reduction and realignment process

  • Phase I: The 2024-25 budget includes a $5.2 million reduction, including 45 positions in administration and central office operations.
  • Phase II: Upcoming community engagement opportunities to review considerations for 2025-26 budget and planning for that school year will be shared at a later date. Public review and comment is expected in the fall with a budget reduction plan for 2025-26 considered for school board approval by December 2024. 

Be informed: Review school board meetings, videos and background materials, and access contact information for school board members at