• Kindness Team History

    During the school year of 2011-2012, Mrs. Nettleton, the school social worker, decided to create a 5th grade Kindness Team. The group would work on acts of Kindness rather than emphasizing bullying in the school. She passed out an application to fifth graders to be on the kindness team, and a lot of students wanted to be on the team. Mrs. Nettleton and Mrs. Mckeehen, the principal, picked twelve students to be on the first C.B.P.A. Kindness team.

    Our first idea as a group was to make a pledge, we based on kindness and responsibility and also about school and being safe. Our next idea was to go on the morning announcements on Mondays to talk about Kind Acts we could do for others. Mrs. Nettleton and Ms. Jacobsen, Mrs. Nettleton's intern, split the kindness team into six teams and said who and when they were going on the morning announcements. When we go on the announcements we say the Pledge Of Allegiance and the Kindness Pledge.

    Our next plan was to have projects that all the kids in the school will do and we'll hang the projects up in the link for everyone to see (the link is the long hallway connecting the two wings of our school together). Our first project was to have all the kids make a handprint and write down what kindness means to them. We also posted the Continents and how to say the word "kindness" in every language. Next, we put a spider web in the link. We have every student's picture on an ant and when they do something above and beyond that is kind, they get to be "caught in the web of kindness." Someone who sees the kind act puts their name down on a slip. Then one of the kindness team members collects the slips everyday during their recess. A Kindness Team member goes and checks the student's name off, sticks the bug on the slip of paper, and hangs it up on the web. We want every single student and staff to be up on the web by the end of the year.

    The rest of the Kindness teams to come, can carry on our work forever. Our website is a way that all students at the school can be connected to Kindness in the summer!!! :)