• Dietary accommodations

    Dietary accommodations are governed by both federal and state regulations. Those regulations and Anoka-Hennepin School District procedures are summarized below.


    Regulations require that lactose reduced milk be made available to any student with a written request from a parent or guardian. If your child needs lactose reduced milk please submit the complete Milk Substitute Form to the site supervisor at the school.

    All other requests for accommodations require a written statement from a licensed physician using the form below. The statement must include both the items the student cannot eat and the items that may be substituted for it. Although an annual update is not required, the district may request an updated document as needed.

    Return original, completed dietary accommodations request form to the school nurse or site supervisor for your child's school. All requests for modifications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and require the involvement of a child nutrition central office administrator and school nursing services staff. In some cases, an individualized education plan or health plan that will have school meals as part of it and will be developed by a building team. We will work to assure that these regulations and procedures are followed while meeting the needs of the student.

    Please note

    Child Nutrition staff members are not trained medical providers and will never determine if a child can or cannot eat a particular item. That decision belongs only to parents, guardians or licensed medical providers. Parents or guardians are welcome to visit our kitchens and review the ingredient statements on labels at any time by making an appointment with the supervisor. However, ingredients may change at any time without notice by the manufacturer.