• WHAT is Articulated College Credit?

    Students have the opportunity to earn Technical or Community college credits (Articulated College Credit) for courses completed in High School.

    Articulated College Credit (ACC) means:

    • You earn Technical or Community college credits (Articulated College Credit) in 10, 11, 12 grades
    • You explore career opportunities through high school courses offered at STEP
    • You complete your college program sooner, save time and money
    • You can choose a specific career program or a major that may lead to transfer options to a university

    WHICH classes at STEP have the opportunity to earn Articulated College Credit (ACC)?

    • Click here to see a list of STEP classes that offer Articulated College Credit (ACC)

    How do I get Articulated College Credit (ACC)?

    • Attend a CTE class at STEP
    • Your STEP teacher will explain specific requirements in order for you to earn the college credit.  Often times it is assessment results, a minimum grade in the course (usually an A or B), attendance requirements, etc.
    • Create an account on the www.ctecreditmn.com website
    • At the completion of your class, your STEP teacher will "Approve" your credit

    What do I do with the Articulated College Credit?

    • Download your Articulated College Credit record at any time after you have completed your high school ACC course.
    • Bring the ACC record to one of the colleges listed and enroll in a career program or major.
    • Check with the college records office as they may have a procedure to follow.

    Where can I use the credit?

    • Bring your printed ACC record when registering at a college listed on your certificate to receive the credit(s) earned. Other colleges not on the list MAY honor the credits.
    • You must always check with the college or university of your choice for specific criteria in a program or major — not all credits will move into all programs or majors.