• Anoka-Hennepin ISD #11


    1353 W. Hwy 10

    Anoka, MN 55303



    Instructor:  Robert Sand, CWI/CWE


    Course Title: Welding Blueprint Reading


    Concurrent Enrollment Credits: Blueprint I – 2 credits


    Course Description:


    This course covers Anoka Technical Colleges Blueprint Reading I Course.  Students in this class will be given introductory instruction to interpreting welding blueprints and drawings. Included in this are the understanding of various views, lines, welding arrows and symbols associated with welding blueprints.   Students will use welding and cutting skills learned in previous welding classes and apply then to a variety of welded projects.  These projects are designed to challenge the welder to interpret all of the various aspects of the drawings and assemble the part correctly. In addition, we will have the opportunity to learn about and explore several aspects of NDT and Destructive testing during the trimester.   


    Text and References:


                    Modern Welding - Bowditch

                    Blueprint Reading for Welders by A.E Bennett

                    AWS D9.1 Sheet Metal Welding Code

                    AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Welding Code

                    AWS SENSE Curriculum


    Course Goals:


    1.       Exhibit safety principles and safe work habits

    2.       Demonstrate welding skills and techniques consistent with the requirements for an entry-level welder

    3.       Communicate effectively using welding theory and process terminology

    4.       Correctly name , understand and interpret 11 basic lines

    5.       Understand and accurately interpret weld arrows and symbols

    6.       Assemble drawn prints accurately and within tolerance

    7.       Accept constructive criticism and demonstrate appropriate behavior change

    8.       Demonstrate professional conduct

    9.       Exhibit punctuality and regular class attendance

    10.    Demonstrate the ability to set up welding equipment in the lab

    11.    Master the course content goals


    Assessment of Student Performance:


    The student’s progress will be evaluated through the use of quizzes, worksheets, oral quizzes, tests, and  lab assignments.  Lab assignments will be visually inspected and/or destructively tested.  Projects are typically combinations of multiple processes and are graded on weld accuracy, quality and part fit up.   Grading criteria for an industry acceptable weld will be taken from a relevant AWS welding code.











    Course Evaluation:


    Weld performance evaluations, worksheets, quizzes, and tests will be translated to points. These points will be averaged to establish a letter grade. Students have daily access to updated grades as they are posted to the computerized grade book and AH connect.  Student grades will be updated approximately every other Friday.   Grades will be determined by the following scale:

    A 100%-90%

    B 80%-89%

    C 70%-79%

    D 60%-69%

    Below 60% will result in course failure.