• Tenth Grade Students


    Career Exploration for Tenth Grade Students

    You have several options below to explore your own unique strengths and interests. Please choose from the following activities and have this completed before you pick your classes in January for junior year!

    • MCIS

      MCIS (MN Career Information System) offers a wealth of career, education, and labor market information.


      *Go to https://portal.mn.cis360.org/

      *First time users:

      Login with the username: step

      and password: careers

      You will be asked to create an account.

      MCIS Activities:

        • Additional Resources:

          Two Year/Technical Pathways

          Did you know that almost 70% of jobs in MN do not require a 4-year (bachelor’s) degree?

          Learn about the military

          Explore various resources about military offerings in one spot.

          Raise.Me Scholarship Program

          RaiseMe helps students in 9th – 12th grades to discover colleges and earn scholarships for their academic and extracurricular achievements throughout high school. These achievements can include good grades, participating in clubs, playing in a sports team, volunteering, having a job or even starting a club. They can include AP or IB courses, honors classes, and college-level courses too.