• Our origins   

    At an October 17, 1871 town meeting, it was decided that Franklin was to be built on the west side of the Rum River. Enrollment filled the first two completed rooms in 1872 and the ANOKA HERALD commonly referred to the students of Franklin as "the scholars who attend Franklin". By the 1880's, Franklin had two primary departments and an intermediate department. There were four classrooms open by 1885. By 1915, it was determined that Franklin was deficient in lighting, heating, and ventilation. A bond was approved for a new brick six room school. This remains as the center section of the present school. With the post World War II baby boom, the building once again became crowded. The growth of Anoka in the 1950's and 60's rivaled the pace of growth of a hundred years earlier. In 1952, Franklin School opened a new addition on the south end with six classrooms, gymnasium, auditorium, and a kindergarten. Another addition to the school on the north side was completed in 1960 with classrooms and cafeteria.  In 2014 an elevator was added and classrooms were built on the north end so that portable classrooms could be retired and more kindergarten rooms would be available.