Parking Lot Safety

  • We have identified some concerns for the safety of our students in school and in the school zone:

    • The parking lot entrance is closed 9:00 - 9:30 a.m. and 3:45 - 4:10 p.m.
    • Branch Avenue is a bus loading zone during these times, do not park in the parking lot if you need to leave during the above times.
    • It is critical that drivers use reduced speed when moving in the parking lot. Anoka Police continue to monitor parking lot and school zones.
    • Do not park in the bus loading zone on the west side of Branch or on the east side of Branch during dismissal. Parent pick up is along the playground.
    • Crossing Guards & School Safety patrols follow state traffic guidelines and when safety flags are down it is a state law to stop. (We get reports of cars driving through the flags. This is a violation and will be reported to the Anoka Police Department.)

    Parking Lot regulations:

    • Leaving cars running with children unattended in the car has legal ramifications. Police have told us that there is an increasing rate of vehicle theft in Anoka and insurance companies are refusing to pay out claims when the vehicle is running. Children left in a running vehicle can create a safety hazard for themselves and people walking in the area if they hit the shift.
    • There are 2 designated handicap parking spots at the Door 2 entrance. It is a violation to park in these spots without a permit and you can receive a ticket up to $500. Please use the short term parking along the curb outside door 3 and walk on the sidewalk.
    • Do not enter the Parking lane up to Door 2; students getting dropped off there would be walking in an area with moving vehicles.
  • Bus Loading Area

Parent Pick-up

    • Parent pick-up is on Branch Avenue by the playground, north of the bus loading area.
    • Do not park in the bus loading zone on the west side of Branch or on the east side of Branch during dismissal.

Release of Students / Early Dismissal

    • Early dismissals are discouraged. Students leaving a few minutes early often miss important last minute instructions and/or reminders. Interrupting classes to call students to the office also distracts other students and interrupts end of the day classroom routines.
    • Early dismissals should only occur in rare circumstances and students should have a note to provide to their teacher.
    • Students will only be released to persons listed on the emergency form unless a note is given to the office from the parent—verbal requests and phone calls cannot be honored.