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Community Ed Department Staff Directory

  • First name Last name Location Title Email address Phone number Department
    Jodi Abrahamson ESC A+ Program Coord Jodi.Abrahamson@ahschools.us (763) 506-1426 CED-A+
    Alyssa Ackermann Wilson Elem A+ Site Coordinator Alyssa.Ackermann@ahschools.us (763) 506-4713 CED-A+
    Deborah Adas Blaine ECC Preschool Asst. Instructor PT Deborah.Adas@ahschools.us (763) 433-4796 CED-EC
    Tanya Ahlbaum ESC Preschool Asst. Instructor PT Tanya.Ahlbaum@ahschools.us (763) 433-4137 CED-SRP
    Niveen Alhalta University Ave Elem PS Asst. Instructor Casual Niveen.Alhalta@ahschools.us (763) 506-4589 CED-SRP
    Monica Allen Brookside Elem A+ Site Coordinator Monica.Allen@ahschools.us (763) 433-5213 CED-A+
    Jacob Andersen University Ave Elem A+ Site Leader Jacob.Andersen@ahschools.us (763) 506-4513 CED-A+
    Kelli Anderson Andover Elem Vol Serv Coord PT Kelli.Anderson@ahschools.us (763) 506-1723 CED-VS
    Antoinette Azad CED ABE CHF ABE Teacher Antoinette.Azad@ahschools.us (763) 706-3833 CED-ABE
    Brent Backstrom CED ABE BLL ABE Teacher Brent.Backstrom@ahschools.us (763) 433-4245 CED-ABE
    Kendra Bailey Sorteberg ECC ECFE/Preschl Cas AsstInstr Kendra.Bailey@ahschools.us (763) 433-4922 CED-SRP
    Laura Bautch ESC Teacher Nurse Laura.Bautch@ahschools.us (763) 506-1424 CED-A+
    Annmarie Belanger ESC Secretary Comm Ed Annmarie.Belanger@ahschools.us (763) 506-1406 CED-A+
    Haley Belongia Oxbow Creek Elem Vol Serv Coord PT Haley.Belongia@ahschools.us (763) 506-3830 CED-VS
    Jennifer Berger Riverview ECC ECFE Teacher Jennifer.Berger@ahschools.us (763) 506-6140 CED-EC
    Beth Berk Blaine HS Vol Serv Coord Casual Beth.Berk@ahschools.us (763) 506-6530 CED-VS
    Amanda Bialke Andover Elem A+ Site Coordinator Amanda.Bialke@ahschools.us (763) 506-1713 CED-A+
    Angela Bidler ESC ECFE Teacher Angela.Bidler@ahschools.us (763) 433-4187 CED-EC
    Cheryl Black CR Family Place Preschool Asst. Instructor PT Cheryl.Black@ahschools.us (763) 433-4655 CED-SRP
    Debbie Blatz University Ave Elem Vol Serv Coord PT Debbie.Blatz@ahschools.us (763) 506-4530 CED-VS
    Deanna Bloodgood ESC Secretary Comm Ed Deanna.Bloodgood@ahschools.us (763) 506-1286 CED-Office
    Scott Boileau ESC A+ Program Coord Scott.Boileau@ahschools.us (763) 506-1416 CED-A+
    Katelyn Boor Hamilton Elem A+ Site Coordinator Katelyn.Boor@ahschools.us (763) 506-2713 CED-A+
    Brianna Brandt CED SR Preschool Asst. Instructor PT Brianna.Brandt@ahschools.us (763) 506-7253 CED-SRP
    Emily Broden CED ABE BLL ABE PT Literacy Asst Emily.Broden@ahschools.us (763) 433-4228 CED-ABE
    Holly Broden CED ABE CHF ABE Literacy Asst Holly.Broden@ahschools.us (763) 576-4722 CED-ABE
    Amy Brooks ESC Secretary Comm Ed Amy.Brooks@ahschools.us (763) 506-1290 CED-Office
    Wendy Brown Monroe Elem Vol Serv Coord PT Wendy.Brown@ahschools.us (763) 506-3630 CED-VS
    Katherine Bukovich Blaine ECC Preschool Instructor FT Katherine.Bukovich@ahschools.us (763) 433-4762 CED-SRP
    Elizabeth Burgard ESC Comm Ed Parent Inv Coord Elizabeth.Burgard@ahschools.us (763) 506-1282 CED-VS