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    Kindergarten enrollment

    Anoka-Hennepin Schools is ready and excited to meet your incoming kindergarten student and your family.

    Watch the kindergarten prep video series to learn and understand how you can help prepare your child for kindergarten and the beginning of their educational career!

    Gearing Up for Kindergarten

    An online program designed for parents/guardians with a child entering kindergarten in the fall. Filled with information, resources, and support to assist you in preparing your child for success in kindergarten. 

    Learn more about the Gearing up for Kindergarten program.
    Obtenga más información sobre el programa Preparándose para el jardín de infantes.


    The skills below provide a strong foundation for learning and success in kindergarten:

    • Enthusiasm for learning: Is your child eager to explore and discover? Comfortable asking questions? Able to persist when a task is difficult?
    • Demonstrates independence: Does your child take responsibility for personal belongings? Use the bathroom by him or herself?
    • Functions in a group situation: Can your child take turns in a small or large group? Successfully change from one activity to another? Get attention appropriately? Follow a routine?
    • Works and plays cooperatively with other children and adults.
    • Uses a variety of words in talking with others: Does your child use complete sentences with four to six words? Communicate needs and feelings appropriately? Try to use new words?
    • Listens and understands: Does your child respond appropriately to simple statements, questions, and stories? Can your child follow simple instructions? Listen to an entire story? Recall parts of a story?
    • Shows an interest in books and reading.
    • Holds and uses markers, pencils, crayons, and scissors.
    • Names upper and lowercase letters: Can your child name 10-20 uppercase letters and 10-20 lowercase letters?
    • Recognizes and prints their own name.
    • Explores and uses numbers: Can your child count forward to 20 and count backward from five? Count 10-20 objects accurately? Does your child understand "more" and "less" when looking at a group of objects? Recognize some printed numbers? Quickly recognize one to five objects in a group without counting?
    • Recognizes basic shapes and colors: Can your child name and recognize a circle, square, triangle, and rectangle? Can your child name and identify a variety of colors?
    • Moves safely and purposefully from one place to another: Does your child avoid people, furniture and objects while moving? Play safely on a playground?
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