• Complimenting your child

    When it comes to the little person in your life, try using compliments that reflect self-esteem and confidence.  From appreciating their creative side to how far and fast their strong legs will carry them, here are 15 nice things to say to your child today (and every day).

    1. I love how hard you worked hard on this project, and how you stuck with it even when you got frustrated. Focus on how they overcame the challenge and what they accomplished.

    2. You make the world a better place just by being in it. And if anyone thinks otherwise, it’s their loss!

    3. Don’t let mean kids tell you what to think of yourself. Your self-esteem belongs to only you.

    4. I’m so happy you’re in my life. After all, wouldn’t you want to hear that from someone you love?

    5. Isn’t it great that your strong legs can help you run super fast? Praising the things a child can do with their body instead of noticing how it looks will help them appreciate, and strive for, a healthy lifestyle.

    6. I love the color combo you’ve got going on today, it’s very creative! Nice things to say to your child doesn't have to focus on just looks. Compliment your child on their outfit when you focus on their creativity, rather than how pretty or handsome they look.

    7. You are a kind person. Compliments for children that focus on kindness, courage, and honesty will go far in building self-esteem.

    8. I’m really impressed with how you solved/built/created that. Can you show me a thing or two?! Praise your child for their critical thinking and problem-solving prowess, and nurture their interest in all things STEAM.

    9. I think you are a great leader. One of the best things you can do for your child is showing them that being a leader isn’t just “being bossy.”

    10. I am proud of you. Because kids need to hear this from their parents.

    11. Just be yourself. It’s enough. Children today are being told more and more that they aren’t enough, and it’s time to break the cycle and instill confidence.

    12. Your ideas are important, and I want to hear them. Children need to know their ideas are awesome and worth sharing.

    13. Your bright smile shows me how happy you are. Your child usually smiles for a reason, and when you notice, it’ll make them even happier.

    14. Your inner beauty and kindness shine through your personality. Your outer beauty is an added bonus.

    15. You’re strong, you’re smart, and you can change the world. Because they can and they will!

    Do you have more compliments to add to this list?  

    Adapted from http://redtri.com/compliments-you-need-to-give-your-daughter/
    Parent talking with young child