• Anoka Preschool and Family Place

    Children playing in gym“Outstanding!” “We love it here!” “My daughter loves going to school to learn.” These are just a few quotes from parents who either attend ECFE classes with their children or who have a child attending preschool at Anoka Preschool and Family Place.

    The building just north of Highway 10 on Ferry Street in Anoka has four spacious classrooms, a gym, an outdoor playground and is home to both ECFE and preschool classes, programs, and activities.

    Inviting atmosphere

    As families enter Anoka Family Place, they are directed down the Early Learning corridor where everything is set up for our special little visitors. “We love all the teachers, the preschool room, and everything you guys have to offer.” said a parent from an Anoka preschool class.

    As with all of our locations, Anoka Preschool and Family Place has classrooms staffed by licensed parent educators and early childhood teachers. They are dedicated to providing positive support for families and use intentional teaching strategies to meet children’s individual needs.

    Sensory Playtime

    A specific interest for many families who attend classes at Anoka Preschool and Family Place is Sensory Playtime.

    “This is his favorite playtime,” said a parent who recently attended one of the Tuesday evening playtimes. “He is always trying to touch, feel, and figure things out. It's just the way his little brain works.” 

    Sensory Playtime is offered on Monday mornings (9-10:30 a.m.) and Tuesday evenings (5:30-7 p.m.). This playtime works to activate and stimulate children's senses. It helps them explore, discover, and create while increasing language development along with fostering independent and cooperative play. Preregistration is required for Sensory Playtime - view the class dates and times online.


    “I love that families start here with their little newborn babies and continue through the variety of programs until they head off to kindergarten,” says Deon LaBathe, Supervisor at Anoka Preschool and Family Place. “Our classrooms and hallways are filled with the bubbly laughter of little people exploring and learning. It's simply amazing!”

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    Anoka Preschool and Family Place
    2727 N. Ferry Street, Anoka, MN 55303
    (Enter Enter Door No. 14, Room 160)
    Phone: 763-506-1275