• Coon Rapids Preschool and Family Place

    “I remember when…” is often heard from participants at Coon Rapids Preschool and Family Place as they recall being a young child and attending classes with their parents. “Families have been coming to and loving this location for close to 20 years,” says Jody Bordwell, supervisor at Coon Rapids Preschool and Family Place.


    Welcoming atmosphere

    Coon Rapids Family Place has inviting gathering places for all ages, featuring cozy reading nooks, an interactive play area, a musical wall, and art zones for creative expressions.


    Our programs are conveniently located in the heart of Coon Rapids at the Family Center Mall, but don’t judge a book by its cover! The Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) and Preschool programs and classrooms at Coon Rapids Family Place are warm and inviting with bright colors nestled with a home-like environment.


    This location has three spacious classrooms - one specifically for infants and toddlers, one for multi-age groups and the final, a dedicated preschool classroom. There is also a wonderful gym where a music wall is a magnet for children as they play and create musical melodies.


    Time for dads

    One of the most popular classes at Coon Rapids Family Place is “Fun with Dad.” This class allows fathers special time to spend with their child enjoying fun activities and opportunities to talk and share ideas with other dads about raising children.


    The class was developed after receiving a number of requests from families for a “just dads” class. A participant recently shared, “I've learned strategies and ideas from parent discussions I would have never thought of to use at home.”


    “The dedication, creative energy and enthusiasm from our staff is amazing,” Bordwell says. “Families come away from their classes empowered to take on the challenges of being a parent and the knowledge that we are here for them whenever they need us.”


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    Coon Rapids Preschool and Family Place
    11254 Crooked Lake Blvd. NW
    (Enter Door A)
    Coon Rapids, MN 55433
    Phone: 763-433-4650
    Watercolor Fun with Dad at Coon Rapids Preschool and Family Place