• Make Friday the best night of the week! 


    Keep up with your resolution to spend more quality time with your kids by starting a new family tradition that makes the end of the week the best part of the week. From game nights to awesome family activities, here are a few suggestions from our parent educators to give TGIF a whole new look.

    • Build a fort. There's so much more to building a fort than pillows and blankets in the family room. Create a great reading nook, cardboard castle or a cozy spot is a great Friday night activity.
    • Make it a movie night. Unwind from your busy week with authorized screen time. Make sure to make it a cozy situation with plenty of blankies and rotate shows or movie picks.
    • Jazz up your movie night popcorn. Kick up your snack game by making fun and delicious homemade popcorn. Keep it simple by popping kernels on the stove, or jazz up a bag of microwave popcorn with sprinkles or M&Ms.
    • Watch the sunset. Springtime means the days will be longer and warmer, so it's easy to linger outside as the sunsets. There's something special about that time of day, and who better to share the moment with than your kids?
    • Camp out at home. Camping isn't just about pitching a tent in the wilderness. Change up Friday night by camping in the living room, or pitch a tent in the backyard this summer.
    • Take a stroll. An after-dinner stroll might not sound like much of an event but the act of being together, even if you are only walking around the block, can be extremely bonding for children (and super fun for you!). Make it an adventure with a scavenger hunt or a little I-spy along the way.
    • Have a reading night. Reading is always a great family activity. Instead of movie night, cozy up on the couch with blankets and books
    • Enjoy an artistic happy hour. Set aside a little time to create something together. It could be clay sculpting or homemade play dough (check out our favorite recipe for homemade play dough) or just simply color together.
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    Children playing with a pillow fort
    Family Movie Night  
    Family Reading Together