• Early Learning (ECFE/Preschool) Cultural Liaison

    Hi in multiple languages

  • Who is your Early Learning Cultural Liaison?

    Linda Yang, Cultural LiaisonLinda Yang
    Bilingual: English and Hmong
    First generation Hmong-American

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  • What is the role of Early Learning Cultural Liaisons?

    • Provide support to multilingual learners and/or multicultural students and families in the Anoka-Hennepin Schools Early Learning programs.
    • Support families as they navigate the educational system.
    • Encouraging and empowering early childhood multilingual learners and/or multicultural families to become active participants in the educational activities and programs of their children.

    What are the benefits of collaborating with an Early Learning Cultural Liaison?

    • Serve as a bridge between family, school, and community.
    • Ensure successful education for all early childhood multilingual learners and/or multicultural families participating in Anoka-Hennepin Schools Early Learning programs.
    • Provide a connection with diverse families.
    • Culturally aware and sensitive

    What services do Early Learning Cultural Liaisons provide?

    Family support

    • Assist with the enrollment of new families in Anoka-Hennepin Schools Early Learning programs (Preschool / ECFE).
    • Assist Early Learning staff in orienting new multilingual learners and/or multicultural students and families to Preschool and ECFE programs.
    • Promote community and school engagement:
      • Educate parents/guardians about the importance of school engagement.
      • Collect and share information about events.
      • Attend events. 
      • Encourage attendance at conferences.
      • Develop relationships between school and community resources.
    • Provide access to resources:
      • Community resources (food, clothing, housing, dental, medical, child care, etc.).
    • School resources (free & reduced lunch forms, school social workers, immunizations, etc.
    • Conduct home/site visits to provide or collect information.
    • Support multilingual learners and/or multicultural families, as needed, during:
      • Parent/teacher conferences.
      • Registration.
      • Early childhood screening.
      • EP/IFSP meetings

    Staff, Program, and School Support

    • Participate in school meetings and/or conferences as needed.
    • Develop preventative plans to reduce barriers to student success.
    • Provide resources for teachers (community and culture-specific).
    • Act as liaison between the school staff and culturally diverse families.
    • Assist with conflict resolution.
    • Translate written material, as necessary and deemed appropriate (no legal documents).
    • Provide casual language interpretation between school staff, students, and families as needed.
    • Assist with programs to promote a better understanding of cultural and ethnic groups within the community.
  • Contact

    Linda Yang
    Early Learning Cultural Liaison
    Bilingual: English and Hmong
    Phone: 763-506-6176 (office)   612-656-9174 (cell)
    Email: linda.yang@ahschools.us