• Registering for 2019-20 courses 

    The registration guide is designed to help with high school course selections. It also explains which courses are needed for graduation and when they need to be taken. 
    The following information is included: 
    • Definitions to important terms.
    • Answers to frequently asked questions.
    • Graduation requirements, including a checklist to help track progress. 
    • Course descriptions with detailed information.
    • Special program options at the high school level.
    • Academic eligibility requirements for activity participation.
    • Planning, whether college or career, after high school.

    The 2019-20 registration guide is available to the right. To view older versions, check out the document center archive.
    For additional help, please contact a school counselor. 
  • Registration Directions and Timeline

    Tuesday, January 8th  - Receive materials in advisement.  StudentVue Course Request Entry portal opens and stays open until morning of January 18th.  Students must use StudentVue to enter their requests.  Follow the “StudentVue Course Entry” directions below or on your registration worksheet to enter your course requests.

    Thursday, January 10th - Attend two mini sessions during advisory.

    Tuesday, January 15th - WIN for Registration Concerns (if needed).

    Friday, January 18th  –StudentVue Course entry must be completed by 1st hour. StudentVue Course Entry portal is closed after 1st hour.  Registration Worksheet turned in during 1st hour.

    What do I have to hand in?

    • Registration Worksheet

    StudentVue Course Entry:

    • Log on to StudentVue using your student log-in at the lock and key on district website.
    • Click “Student Information” Icon
    • Select “Course Request,” then select “Click here to change course requests
    • Enter requests using the 5-digit numbers. Do not try and search by title.
    • Click “Search Courses”
    • Click “Request” for your regular requests and “Alternate” for your five alternate requests. Do not check the “none” button.
    • Select “Click here to move selected requests to Selected Course Requests,” and repeat these steps for your 15 regular and your 6 alternate requests.
    • Select “Click here to return to Course Request Summary.” Verify your requests. If you made a mistake, click the remove button and re-enter the correct course number.
      DO NOT LOCK your course requests.
    • Log out.

    Andover HS 2019 Registration Video

    Grade 8 Parent Info

    Oak View Registration presentation for Incoming 9th graders.ppt

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