2019 Girls' Tennis Calendar 


    Deb Hoyt
    Email Deb at: debra.hoyt@ahschools.us 
    I want to instill in each of the student athletes I coach a sense of pride in what they are trying to achieve. In doing so, each player will learn to take ownership and be responsible for their actions both on the court and off. Together we are responsible for their individual development as players and teammates and representatives of our school and community. We want all the players to be open minded and respectful about the different levels of skill each of their teammates possess and be able to encourage each other in further developing their skills in a positive way. We will always accentuate the positives regardless of the match scores and try to get better individually and as a team as the season progresses. We will be kind to each other above all else and will be dedicated and persevering in trying to achieve our team's goals.