• Ernie Johnson
    Welcome to my homepage.  Here you can access class notes, solution guides, and online versions of the textbook.
    Note that I am typically available by about 7 am before school and right after school in E110.  Students are always welcome to stop in for extra help.  I also work frequently at Husky House in the library after school.  Feel free to stop in whenever you need some extra help. Please note that I do coach in the spring and have limited availability after school.
    Ernest Johnson
    9-12 Math
    Andover High School
    2115 Andover Blvd NW
    Andover, MN  55304
  • 2020-2021 Teaching Schedule:

       Tri 1  Tri 2  Tri 3
     Period 1 BC Calculus BC Calculus
    Prep Hour
     Period 2 Prep Hour Prep Hour Prob and Stats
     Period 3 Prob and Stats
    CIS College Algebra CIS College Algebra
     Period 4  Prob and Stats
    Prob and Stats Prob and Stats
     Period 5 BC Calculus  BC Calculus
    Prob and Stats