• Parent/child swimming lessons

    Father holds child in the pool.


    Swimming lessons are a great opportunity to spend time with your children in the water while learning new things. Community Education offers parent/child classes to familiarize young children (ages six months up to three years of age) with the water and prepare them to learn to swim in the American Red Cross preschool or Learn-to-Swim courses. 

    Register online: Parent/child swimming lessons.



    • No skill pre-requisites.
    • Child must be at least six months old to enroll.
    • Parent or caregiver must accompany each child in the water and participate in each class.

    Families will learn and practice:

    • Asking permission before entering the water.
    • Expecting adult supervision near the water.
    • Entering and exiting the water in a safe manner.
    • Feeling comfortable in the water.
    • Submerging the mouth, nose and eyes completely in the water.
    • Breathing in a rhythmic pattern.
    • Floating on the front and back.
    • Gliding on the front and back with assistance.
    • Performing combined stroke on front and back with assistance.
    • Changing body position in the water with support.
    • Basic water safety rules and how to avoid water hazards around the home.
    • The importance of wearing a life jacket.
    • Safety in, on and around the water, including how to stay safe in the sun and avoiding recreational water illnesses.
    • Calling for help, knowing first aid and CPR.
    • What to do when exhausted or caught in a dangerous situation.