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    Swimming and water safety is a skill that your children will enjoy for life! All lessons are held at Roosevelt Community Pool in Blaine and are coordinated as an authorized provider of the American Red Cross. Anoka-Hennepin Community Education offers swimming lessons to support youth with a wide range of skill levels. 

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    Which level should I enroll my child in? 


    • Level 1, Introduction to water skills: Lessons help participants feel comfortable in the water. No prerequisite.
    • Level 2, Fundamental aquatics skills: Children will learn fundamental swimming skills including how to float without support and recover to a vertical position. Prerequisite - completion of level 1 or successful demonstration of level 1 certification requirements (able to submerge head and ready to swim without support).
    • Level 3, Stroke development: Children will learn stroke development and build on swimming skills and technique by practicing in deeper water. Prerequisite - completion of level 2 of successful demonstration of level 2 certification requirements (able to swim five yards on front and back without assistance).
    • Level 4, Stroke improvement: Children will improve swimming skills and develop confidence in strokes learned previously in deeper water. Prerequisite - completion of level 3 of successful demonstration of level 3 certification requirements (able to swim 15 yards back crawl and elementary backstroke).
    • Level 5, Stroke refinement: Children will develop further swimming coordination. Prerequisite - completion of level 4 of successful demonstration of level 4 certification requirements (able to swim 25 yards front crawl with coordinated breathing, back crawl, elementary backstroke, side stroke, breast stroke).
    • Level 6, Swimming and skill proficiency: Refines strokes so participants swim with ease for 500 yards and prepares participants for advanced water activities in the future. Prerequisite - completion of level 5 of successful demonstration of level 5 certification requirements (able to swim all strokes 50 yards with good endurance and technique).