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    My name is Jon Hirt. I was born in Whittier, CA, but moved to Andover when I was a kid. I attended Coon Rapids High School, and graduated in 2011; from there I went to Winona State University. Once I graduated from Winona, I worked at Fred Moore Middle School for a year, Champlin Park High School for two, and now I have the privelige of being a member of Andover's amazing staff. I love baseball and football, specifically the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Minnesota Vikings. I the proud owner of a half black lab/ half boxer named Cassius Clay, who is 15 years young. Togehter we currently reside in Champlin, and love getting to spend the summer relaxing. 

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    Jon Hirt

    Special Education- LD/EBD
    Andover High School