This page will provide information about after school Strength and Conditioning 
    How do I get signed up?? 
    You can sign up in the activities office or on-line through AH-Connect. Cost is $40/season.
    You can also register on line! Click the "athletic registration" icon  once you've logged in. Please contact your school's activities office if you need help with online registration.  


    Make sure the information bullets below is completed at sign up.

     Winter Strength and Conditioning Information: Winter Strenthg Training will have two sessions, Football will meet on Monday's, Thursday's and Friday's starting December 5th-March 6th. The Monday and thursday sessions will DW, run/condition, and then lift and on Fridays we will meet at 2:40 DW and do a supplemental lift.  Two sessions for football 1) 2:40 and 2) 3:10.  We will alternate Bigs and Skilled players every other week as to who gets the early session. For the open athlete session we will meet on Tuesdays and Fridays from 2:40-4pm