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New Year, New Brand

New Community Ed logo(1/8/24) We are excited to announce that Anoka-Hennepin Schools Community Education is getting a new look. The goal is to better align Community Education with the rest of the school district, while maintaining a unique identity with a professional and modern look that reflects our mission of lifelong learning, involving people and enriching communities.

In January, we began transitioning to a new logo, an updated font family, refreshed colors, and enhanced messaging.

The people in half circle represent connection, community, and growth. Multiple people symbolize that community education is for everyone. It evokes both diversity and inclusivity. The shape used to create the people was pulled from the Anoka-Hennepin district logo. 

With a goal of aligning to the district, the most obvious step was to use many of the same colors. In addition, we decided to keep three primary Community Ed colors. Overall, the bright color palette is playful and energetic and represents the variety of opportunities that our programs offer.

We chose to keep ‘Discover Community Education’ as a tagline in our logo because it serves as an inviting call to action. Discover invokes the feeling of on-going learning, reinforcing the commitment to education of all ages.

An additional tagline “Enriching lives at every age and every stage” encapsulates the essence of our commitment to providing meaningful learning experiences that cater to individuals of all age groups. It still reinforces our dedication to lifelong learning, but additionally signifies your dedication to fostering an inclusive learning environment that is welcoming and has a multi-generational impact. We want community education to be accessible and beneficial to people at any stage of life.