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Chess tournament draws enthusiastic participants

Chess tournaments with kids in backgroundChess enthusiasts from across the district converged at the Community Education Open Chess Tournament held on Saturday, March 2. With a remarkable turnout of 42 elementary and middle school participants hailing from 15 different district schools, along with representation from three schools outside the district and homeschoolers, the event showcased the vibrant chess community in the area.

The tournament, which attracted over 100 spectators, provided a platform for budding chess players to demonstrate their skills and strategic abilities. A total of 105 matches were played, ensuring that every participant engaged in five matches throughout the day. Despite the competitive atmosphere, the event was marked by camaraderie and sportsmanship, with players displaying resilience and strategic thinking in each game.

All matches were completed within a span of four hours. From thrilling endgame maneuvers to tactical exchanges in the opening stages, every match offered spectators a glimpse into the fascinating world of chess strategy and game play.

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K-Grade 3

1st -Emmett Blake - McKinley Elementary

2nd - Floyd Hunter - Andover Elementary

3rd – George Madsen – North Point Elementary

K-Grade 5

1st – Tiago Arias – Monroe Elementary

2nd – Aidric Zachau – Oxbow Creek Elementary

3rd – Caden Williams – Sand Creek Elementary

4th – Jacques Ducharme – Eisenhower Elementary

5th – Emmett Mitchell – Hoover Elementary

6th – William Sauro – Eisenhower Elementary

Middle School

1st – Triton Tyson – Anoka Middle School for the Arts

2nd – William Rieder – Northdale Middle School

3rd – Elliot Ganglehoff – Home School

4th – Cullen Jayasekera – Coon Rapids Middle School

5th – Tyler Nellis – Anoka Middle School for the Arts

6th – Jordan Lubarski – Anoka Middle School for the Arts