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Putting ‘U’ in Community Education: Evie’s Story

Community Education provides lifelong learning for all. That’s why we’re sharing stories of the different ways people interact with Community Ed. We want YOU to see how Community Education is having an impact on your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. 

Evie and Judy on track(5/18/23) When eighth grade student Evie Jones hits the track, she is listening while she runs. Listening to cheers from her family, encouragement from the stands and helpful information from her guide.

Evie was born with a rare condition that took her vision when she was a baby. But being blind doesn’t stop Evie from doing the things she loves. She is in her second year of track and field at Northdale Middle School through Community Education. She runs 60M and 100M races, as well as throws shot put. Evie’s guide, Judy Heichert runs alongside her using a tether. Thanks to Judy, Evie is able to get the complete track and field experience.

“I really love it. I enjoy it,” said Evie. “I’m the speedster.”

Evie is also a goalie in a blind hockey league and plays several musical instruments.

“She does everything,” said Heather Jones, Evie’s mom. “She is fearless and she wants to participate in stuff.”

In our latest Putting ‘U’ in Community Education video, we caught up with Evie and Judy at a track meet in Coon Rapids to get a first-hand look at the pair in action.