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    Here are our health 10 resources
    Thank You for supporting your student's education! I am excited to work with your child and watch them develop healthy lifestyle choices... 
      I am passionate about all aspects of health and I consider it a privilege to encourage and motivate students to make healthy choices early on.  
      "Healthy citizens are the greatest assets any country can have." Winston Churchill
  • Teaching Schedule:
       Tri 1
     Tri 2
     Tri 3
     Period 1

    Health 10/ Rm D 103


     Health 10 /Rm: D103 Prep/ Rm D 103
    Period 2 
    Health 10/ Rm: D103  Prep/ Rm:  D103
    Health 10/ Rm: D103
    Period 3 
    Health 10/ Rm: D103   Health 10/ Rm: D103  Health 10 /Rm: D103 
    Period 4  
    Health 10/ Rm: D103   Health 10/ Rm: D103   Health 10 /Rm: D103 
     Period 5 
    Health 10/ Rm: D103  Health 10/ Rm: D103   Health 10 /Rm: D103